EUROPE The Forgotten Mission Field

Changing human perceptions is one of the most difficult tasks that any mission organization can face when attempting to communicate the missiological premise for evangelizing certain areas of the world. Nowhere is this more true than Europe.

The Time of our Lives

Terror attacks, ISIS, military coups, cop killings, political turmoil and corruption at the highest levels of government, many people in our world see this as a terrifying time to live.


Final Countdown
In case I disappoint anyone who thinks I am going to write about Joey Tempest’s band Europeand their iconic mid-eighties hit, I apologize now. Although, with the way things are in Europe these days,

“The Last Shall Be First”
In the early part of the 19th century there lived two brothers, both ambitious and with great dreams for the future. One, David who dreamed of adventure and exploration, sharing the word of God with everyone he met. The other, John who dreamed of wealth and fame and success.

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Feel the Bern
 One of the most astonishing revelations of the past election cycle was the rise of Bernie Sanders. At first he was regarded as little more than cannon fodder, grist to the mill as my old uncle Henry used to say; chaff to be chewed up and spit out by the well-oiled mega machine that was Hillary Clinton, the royal heir apparent to the DNC dynasty.

Americas Second Civil War
For those with the eyes to see, America stands on the brink of another civil war, far more devastating than it experienced during the early 1860’s. The schism that will rip America apart has been coming for a very long time and has finally arrived with the election of Donald Trump.

The Mystery of Return:  Why some trafficked survivors go back

by Linda Burkle, Ph.D, I-MHR CSWM

The term human trafficking is relatively new, introduced in this century to define modern day slavery.

Daily Ponderings!

Zionism and the Liberal Left: The Cultural Shift

One of the major reasons that Trump carried eighty-six percent of all voting Evangelicals in the last election was his position on Israel. Notwithstanding the SCOTUS picks and immigration issues, Evangelicals believe that America’s relationship with Israel is incredibly significant.

Millennial Meltdown: Liberalism and America's Youth
The old gentleman in the brand new Cadillac was about to ease into the one vacant space
in an already overcrowded parking lot. It was Christmas and he had been skirting the lot for some time when the space opened and he waited patiently, blinker on,.......

The Church in the Kettle
Everyone knows that if you toss a frog into a kettle full of boiling water it will jump straight out, DUH. This is the expression my daughter uses regularly. If you are intent on boiling a frog, there is a strict prerequisite; you must be smarter than the frog. If you want to succeed however, then you must place the frog in a kettle of warm water and heat it gradually. The frog will become acclimatized to the water and eventually incrementally boil. I speak figuratively of course.It is a great analogy for the church and the culture in which we live. The attempted seduction of Christianity by the vain philosophies of this world is neither subtle nor clever and yet it remains highly effective. The question is why? Those who read our articles here at Onpoint Ministries will know that we are witnessing a paradigm shift of enormous proportions in our country as the liberal left takes control of our culture. This is not just a local shift either as it has global proportions and ramifications. Europe’s refugee crisis is creating massive unrest in many countries and whilst individual governments, operating in a delusional vacuum, are pretending their immigration policies are a seamless integration into a post-modern European world, the reality is that it is a nightmare for the local inhabitants.