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Americas Second Civil War

     For those with the eyes to see, America stands on the brink of another civil war, far more devastating than it experienced during the early 1860’s. The schism that will rip America apart has been coming for a very long time and has finally arrived with the election of Donald Trump. This will not be a civil war fought on the battlefields of Virginia and Pennsylvania, but sea to shining sea. This modern maelstrom will sweep through every part of the country, splitting families, communities, cities, states and the nation. It will not be a war of armies but of ideologies and its weapons will not be cannon and musket but words and world views. By the time it is over, nothing will ever be the same again. This time it will not be a war of North and South but of Right and Left.

     When President Trump was elected, the Right rejoiced and the Left reacted, but in the midst of the rejoicing their came a warning voice whispering in our ears “be careful what you wish for”. It repeated over and again with ominous insistence. The political Right may mock and sneer at the cry rooms and safe spaces erected by the liberal Left to cope with the fallout of the election, it may scoff at their demonstrations and the continuous demonization of the Right through the left-wing controlled press and social media, but we ignore it at our peril. There is a deep and pervasive resentment in the voice of a liberal Left who fear they are losing their dream of America; there is real anger in the voices of the majority of Americans who did not vote for our current President. Those who are shocked and amazed at the scope and ferocity of the vitriol manifested by the Left ought not to be. They are ratcheting up the rhetoric for an onslaught of unprecedented proportions. This should come as no surprise to those who have been watching the steady cultural and spiritual decline of our nation. What the Trump administration has succeeded in doing is awakening a sleeping giant. At the moment, the Right is attempting to sow the wind, but they shall reap the whirlwind. This is only the beginning!

     This civil war will be fought for the soul of America. The next few years will, in all likelihood, be some of the most monumental in our nation’s and the world’s history. Conservatives talk as if Supreme Court appointees, or the legislation of right-wing values is going to prevail and somehow reshape America. Their political naivety is only matched or bettered by the spiritual naivety and myopia of many Christians who have failed to grasp the reality of this nation’s current predicament. It is a self-delusion of staggering proportions, an obtuse optimism based on a political and socio-economic hope that simply will not prevail. It is a distorted view motivated more by a strange symbiosis of patriotism and religious fervor than a clear biblical understanding of world events when interpreted through a sound eschatological lens.

     The Left would like to think that it will fight the fight of Gandhi. They see themselves as the self-appointed creators of a “brave new world” that will be ushered in by a war of passive resistance, the incarnation of Moore’s Utopia. The liberal Left, the democrats, are after all the party of acceptance, the purveyors of peace, and the titans of tolerance. In the past week we have seen people dragged from their cars and beaten for voting for Trump, and a young man tortured for simply supporting him. Just in the past few days we have seen all kinds of violence perpetrated on many Trump supporters who have been physically assaulted for their political beliefs. This kind of “tolerance” is all too easy to identify. The Left will beat tolerance into those who disagree with them and will, rest assured, become increasingly more “tolerant” in the days ahead.

     We have to remember that in this increasingly relativistic society where absolutes have been abrogated, the Liberal’s distorted thinking becomes rational. This allows Liberals to justify their violence on the grounds that they are defending peace and tolerance. We have witnessed a media frenzy over airline evictions of two men for verbally abusing the President’s daughter and a middle-aged abbadon raging and haranguing the passenger next to her for simply supporting Trump. We have seen cultural “pop” icons like Madonna and Ashley Judd spilling their vile poison at the Women’s March in DC. These groups and others across the nation are inciting like-minded individuals to commit acts of violence. Passive resistance will eventually dissolve into all out violence in the coming months.

     Never before in the history of the United States have ideological lines been so starkly drawn or has this nation been so divided. No administration has been more hated or targeted by the mass media than Trump’s and it will only increase in its ferocity. In a week that has seen the President enact a record number of executive actions you would have to live in a vacuum not to see that two of those actions, the temporary ban on immigrants from seven Muslim nations and the construction of a wall on our southern border have raised the ire of Liberals to a level fast approaching frenzied. They believe their cause to be worth fighting for; they are prepared for a war of attrition because the odds tend in their favor.

     We must not underestimate the power of ideology or the passion of a post-modern generation of idealists weaned on stories of the civil rights movement who are desperately seeking a cause to both believe in and commit to. There are no rules in this war. Both sides are willing to say and do anything to prevail. In the coming months both the President and his office will be reviled like no other time in history because Trump is the greatest political phenomenon in American history. A populist President elected as a protest vote himself as America reacted to the civil liberties and political correctness movements who are steadily, and not so subtly, imposing their agenda upon the nation. Any form of nationalism however, is immediately reviled by Liberal groups and the Trump administration is compared to the rise of National Socialism during the Weimar Republic of the 1920’s.

      It is incumbent on both the Right and Left to gain a larger perspective and to see the current political situation in a broader context; it must not simply be viewed historically or culturally but also from a spiritual dimension. Nothing now will be held sacred in the war of words, but we must not be deluded. This is what historians at the beginning of WWII described as the “phony war”, but the real one is coming, it may not be a military conflict but its physical reality will be felt by all, especially the church. There can be no compromise. The divergent courses of these world views, these two ideologies have been on a collision course for years and now it is picking up both pace and ferocity as they hurl headlong at each other in a deadly collision that will decide the political, historical and cultural fate of America.

     The Right believes that the Trump election will be the saving grace of our country as they optimistically look to a return to the conservative values that made America great, but fail to see that we have as a nation already crossed the Rubicon. As bad as a Clinton administration might have seemed for many conservatives, especially Christians, the Trump government may prove to be a false dawn, a catalyst that will serve only to draw and define the battle lines even further and invite something far more sinister. Electing Clinton may well have been seen as a continuation, but electing Trump is a definite demarcation. His election has clarified and intensified the political and cultural differences in this country. The right-wing conservatives see the salvation of the soul of America by legislating morality through political will. It could well turn out to be a pyrrhic victory, the cost of which may prove too dear to endure. The tide of history is turning for America and it is flowing left. The juggernaut that is underpinned by the humanist-inspired liberally-controlled social media is beginning to flex its muscles. The course is already set and the events that are unfolding in these days are a mere pre-cursor to what is to come. The social balance in America has already shifted, conservatism is on the defensive, whatever glimmer of light the Trump era bears will be a last stand of sorts. The political graffiti is well and truly on the wall. The inevitable tide of humanistic thinking combined with pluralism and liberalism is growing and gaining the advantage and will only be galvanized by this temporary setback. History is not random, it follows a divinely set plan. However much we want to believe that the Right will prevail, God will work out his masterplan and if that includes the cultural demise of the US and the waning of its global influence, which biblically it seems it does, then we must ready ourselves for that time.

     Christian evangelicals must at least sense that this is the lull before the storm, and not let themselves become swept away on a cloud of euphoric optimism that obscures historical reality and produces a spiritual myopia induced by current political expediency. Too often we allow our patriotism, Republicanism and temporal optimism to drive our thinking. We tend to unknowingly embrace a utopian view that everything in our nation and world will get better by re-asserting a more Godly form of government which in turn will bring about some form of semi-political and spiritual revival which will spread until the world improves to the point that Christ returns.

     Eighty six percent of voting evangelicals voted for Donald Trump, I suspect purely because of the potential Supreme Court nominations. It is the Supreme Court which more than anything reflects the not too subtle shift in the socio-political culture of our nation. Never in our history has the Supreme Court been so important, vital even to the defining of our nation’s moral identity. Fifty years ago the selection of a Supreme Court justice was not as critical as it is today. Why is that? The answer is simple. The stakes were not as high. In the past fifty years the stakes have risen as the philosophical identity of our nation has shifted more and more toward the liberal Left with current issues so starkly defining the nation’s differing world views that the stakes have now been heightened to the point that one Supreme Court nominee could change the political landscape of America.

     It is a mark of our times and should serve as a social and spiritual barometer for all evangelicals. We must and cannot look to men or seek a legislative answer to the cultural shift we are witnessing in our country as the Left becomes more and more powerful. Nor dare we place our faith in a false optimism based on a distorted view of our nation. We are no longer a Christian nation as President Obama astutely (for the wrong reason) declared to the world. For the realists who hold to a more biblical view, that is not the way God’s plan of redemptive history will unfold. Scripture tells us of dark days ahead as the moral decline of our society and world intensifies to the point of moral bankruptcy which comes from the very ideologies and world views that we are seeing espoused on our TV’s and in our newspapers every day.Those with a biblical perspective of history will understand that the storm is gathering and will unleash itself with all the pent-up fury of the last days. This of course is only a pessimistic view if we fail to capture the true reality of God’s timetable, as He accomplishes His ultimate purposes in these last days, bringing about the glorious fulfilment of His redemptive plan of history which results in the triumphant return of a victorious Christ, who will reign forever with His saints. That is both optimistic as well as realistic.

      Many Christians here in America are not suffering from persecution (as Christians are today in many parts of the world, such as the middle east, china, Africa etc.) believe that the church will escape the tribulation as they are raptured before it begins, a doctrine I don’t dispute. But what about pre-rapture persecution as the days preceding it become darker and more evil? America is strangely absent in the last days; where is she? The decline of America as it was with Rome will be moral. It is incumbent upon evangelicals in America to be aware of what is happening as America slides inexorably left.The ideological agenda of the liberal Democrats is to ultimately remove and replace the Judeo- Christian foundation from this country in an attempt to make it pluralistic in every sense with no idea that in doing so the destruction of the culture awaits. Instead of a more illuminated and enlightened society where all are unified in a celebration of diversity, it will disintegrate. This American melting pot stopped melting a long time ago. A culture that implodes will create a societal vacuum. What then will be sucked into that vacuum? This scenario now begins to resemble more the Weimar Republic of the 1920’s and 30’s. In removing the Judeo-Christian foundations, the far Left will invite and incur a socio-political meltdown of staggering proportions. The turkeys will truly be voting for an early Thanksgiving!

     The very protections that shield the true evangelical church here in the U.S will be removed and the moral and righteous position it holds will be projected as intolerant and hateful, spewing its medieval homophobic and xenophobic doctrines all over the liberal Left’s “brave new world”. The church will become public enemy number one. The persecution will be relentless and unremitting and we need to be ready for it. We must not allow ourselves to be caught unawares. We must expect and prepare for it as those who hold true to the teachings of Christ. It will be a time that will “try men’s soul” and test our resilience and faith.

     Yet by the grace of God we will endure and ultimately prevail. The true and purged church will shine as never before here in these United States. The word will be preached and the light of Christ will shine like a million points of light as God’s people answer the call. Consequently, by God’s grace we will see many souls come into the His Kingdom. In Churchillian rhetoric, it will be our finest hour.