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The Salvation Army Seminar Omaha, Nebraska Feedback: 

*Andy is an amazing speaker. The way he presented the information caused me to look at things in a much better way for growing in my personal evangelism. He was very engaging, easy to listen to, even to the point on going over the time because we were so absorbed in what he was saying.

*Very good presentation. The atmosphere was great and relaxed. It was very helpful looking at it from case workers job too. 

*I loved his practical approach to evangelism.

*This section was great. Andy was extremely helpful and interesting to listen to. I felt that his information was useful and I was engaged during the whole day. Very thankful for this opportunity. 

*Very helpful in learning how to spread the word. Informative that you may just be a piece of the puzzle but it is so important in the process.     

Very eye opening.

*I am much better equipped and confident now.  This would be great to give as a seminar to our corps congregation.

*Great speaker. Very useful. I will use the information in my ministry and personally.

We offer an interactive presentation of the principles and practices of

Personal Evangelism

The seminars include:

  • Teaching: Learning the core principles of Personal Evangelism
  • Customizing: Learning how to customize personal individual techniques
  • Discussion groups: Discuss and analyze the material and answer specific questions in a group format
  • Practical application: Enables participants to simulate a variety of different scenarios that will help them in sharing their faith
  • Question and Answer Time


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Church and Service groups all over the country have experienced the "power of sharing your faith" through Onpoint Ministries International Personal Evangelism seminars.

This is an opportunity to empower your members with the principles and practices that will take the fear out of spreading the Gospel message one divine appointment at a time.

If you share our mission, to reach the world for Christ, we invite you to contact us to schedule a group training seminarand get started TODAY!

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