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The Church in the Kettle

     Everyone knows that if you toss a frog into a kettle full of boiling water it will jump straight out, DUH. This is the expression my daughter uses regularly. If you are intent on boiling a frog, there is a strict prerequisite; you must be smarter than the frog. If you want to succeed however, then you must place the frog in a kettle of warm water and heat it gradually. The frog will become acclimatized to the water and eventually incrementally boil. I speak figuratively of course. It is a great analogy for the church and the culture in which we live. The attempted seduction of Christianity by the vain philosophies of this world is neither subtle nor clever and yet it remains highly effective. The question is why? Those who read our articles here at Onpoint Ministries will know that we are witnessing a paradigm shift of enormous proportions in our country as the liberal left takes control of our culture. This is not just a local shift either as it has global proportions and ramifications. Europe’s refugee crisis is creating massive unrest in many countries and whilst individual governments, operating in a delusional vacuum, are pretending their immigration policies are a seamless integration into a post-modern European world, the reality is that it is a nightmare for the local inhabitants.

     Nowhere are the “Emperor’s new clothes” more evident than Sweden, that bastion of political correctness where not only is lawlessness and violence ignored for the sake of creating a society of utopian pluralism, but anyone who suffers these attacks and indignities and dares to object is vilified as intolerant and often stigmatized by government officials. We have finally arrived at the point in our world where the victim is the perpetrator and the perpetrator of the crime is now the victim. Welcome to the liberal’s “brave new world”. Political correctness and its inane logic is spreading throughout Europe. The collective powerbase and center of all this inanity is of course in Brussels, the EU HQ. These Belgian bureaucrats have a gravely distorted perception of sovereignty and national autonomy. The EU has insidiously inserted itself into the collective minds of its member-states with a view to subverting the judicial and legislative order to bring about the dissolution of their unilateral government for a centralized collective, hence Brexit.

     Here in the US we have consistently talked of a war of ideologies between the right and left in terms of the collective cultural mindset; the politically correct left and the conservative right battling it out for philosophical and political control of America’s future. Since the last election and the start of the Trump presidency, we have seen a more virulent and aggressive leftist agenda propagated mainly through the news media and pop culture. We have witnessed hostility and violence from left-wing liberals on a scale unprecedented in our history. Their rigid intolerance of any political view other than their own has erupted in campus violence, media bias of the most egregious form, TV propaganda and militant advocacy for a more politically correct world. In so doing, they have raised the stakes incalculably. This type of liberal aggression forces us to reassess what exactly is happening.

     It is becoming clear from the liberal left’s inability to entertain any world view or different opinion than their own socio-political agenda that this is no longer a matter of ideology but of identity. Any world view or mode of thought that opposes their own threatens the very core of their being, it assaults their senses to a personal degree that their whole identity as a human individual is threatened. Their belief in this modern and “brave new world” is built upon an unshakeable conviction. It is part of the very fabric of their being, it is predicated on a resolute determination that is reinforced by the spirit of this age. This is a form of delusion that is grounded in a philosophical ideology that finds its roots deep in the cosmic realm and reflects multi-spiritual dimensions. Multiply this into a national collective and we can only imagine the horror that will be unleashed upon the evangelical church.

     The problem is that it’s not just Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone that live in La La Land but it seems to be populated entirely with right-wing conservative evangelicals who continue to believe that the battle can still be won in the political arena. We indulge our jingoistic rhetoric about returning America to its former values and social mores in order to “make America great again” when it simply isn’t going to happen no matter which way you approach the equation. The time is coming when a liberally controlled country will demand that the unenlightened (evangelicals) will be required to complete courses and become politically correct so that we may productively function in their society. We must either be retrained or find ourselves socially, politically, culturally and possibly geographically disenfranchised from society with limited access to the privileges of citizenship until we eventually vanish completely and it becomes open season on all true believers. Does any of this sound familiar? Think back to Germany in the nineteen thirties. This was the fate of God’s people then too.

     Evil doesn’t triumph when good men do nothing. That phrase is a humanistic twist on a spiritual maxim. Evil triumphs when the Sovereign God of the universe allows it to, so that it advances His timetable of redemptive history. The Holocaust is the perfect example. Without it there would have been no restoration of ethnic Israel; the platform for the unfolding events of the last days. The evangelical American church is going to face a trial of unprecedented proportions. The ecumenical and liberal churches will have no problem bowing the knee to the new humanistic utopia, but the true church will be sorely tested like no other time in our history. We must prepare!

     Primarily, evangelicals must change our limited perspective and change our narrow view that America is still a Christian nation, that she is essentially good and that it is just her societal behavior and degeneracy that lets her down. We must stop believing that legislating morality and political expediency will change the inevitable tilt to the left. We must stop believing that we can do God’s work for Him and start allowing Him to work through us. We must stop proclaiming a symbiotic philosophy that elevates our country to the level of God. Jesus said, “My Kingdom is not of this world”. We belong to God’s Kingdom and our allegiance is as citizens of that nation, that priesthood of all believers. We need to start seeing the world from the vantage point of divine enablement, begin to gain an eternal perspective and stop trying to advance our distorted and predominantly superficial agenda in His name. It is time for us to read our bibles, look out at the world and start to get a clue about what God is doing both here in the US and globally. Nothing is out of His control, not the Middle East, ISIS, terrorism or the liberal agenda, it all moves in step to His master plan, as it was in the time of Christ. So it is now. Our job is to immerse ourselves in God’s truth, increase in the knowledge of Him, and above all remain true to our biblical convictions so that when the smoke clears and the dust settles we emerge bloodied and battered yet still standing! We are to be His people, His church victorious, the overcomers of this age and of all ages  to come. We are to be God’s alternatives to a lost world, living for the Kingdom, and in so doing letting hell know what heaven looks like! This is our mandate, and it may well be that we will live it in a different America than we have hitherto known. We are called for such a time as this!