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Millennial Meltdown : Liberalism and America’s Youth

     The old gentleman in the brand new Cadillac was about to ease into the one vacant space in an already overcrowded parking lot. It was Christmas and he had been skirting the lot for some time when the space opened and he waited patiently, blinker on, while the lady loaded her Ford Edge with gifts and then backed out. Before he could park however, a man in a bright red Porsche raced into the spot. The old man wound down the window of his Caddy to witness the young driver jump out of the sports car. “Sorry old man” he shouted, “but that’s what happens when you’re young and fast”. The old man wound up his window and accelerated into the occupied space, the crunch of fenders was loud, the holiday shoppers froze and gazed with astonishment as the Cadillac pushed the Porsche up over the curb, scraping and clanking into the bushes. The young sports car owner was incredulous and speechless as the old man climbed out of his car now squarely parked in the space. “That’s what happens when you’re old and rich” said the old man quietly as he headed for the mall.

     The story is anecdotal but serves to prove a point and that is that never in our history have we faced such a generational disconnect that is more philosophical than it is transitional. What Megyn Kelly dubbed the “Cupcake Nation” has subtle and dangerous undertones that belie the humor and absurdity of her jibe. Because of this, many in the millennial generation, especially those exhibiting liberal tendencies, have been rightly identified as having an over-indulged sense of entitlement, having never cultivated a framework outside of their own needs and modern culture. Labeled as pampered and protected, they are politically correct to the point of gross insensitivity to anyone who does not share their own particular world view, and consequently many have become indifferent to a greater global and generational context. Their myopic world view at times is staggering.

  My 95 year old father told me last year of an incident he experienced whilst driving to his local store. The traffic was horrendous and as he approached a roundabout, he prepared to enter the inside lane which etiquette demanded allow every other car to join the on ramp to the motorway (I am using British terminology). My father nosed his tiny little Peugeot in as was his right, but a young twenty something in a very large black SUV wasn’t having it. The cars were only moving very slowly so it was not difficult to understand the situation. The SUV refused him access. I asked him what he did, “I went anyway” he replied indignantly.

     I could see the wheels turning in his mind as he cranked back the years to another vehicular altercation he had on a hill side outside of Villers-Bocage in Normandy on a cloudless day in June 1944. That day too, he was in the much smaller vehicle, this time a Bren Gun Carrier. He was on a reconnaissance mission for the tip of 50th division under General Brian Horrocks’ 30 Corps during the Normandy invasion. As he rounded the corner at the top of the hill he ran smack dab into Sepp Dietrich’s 12th SS Panzer Division 1st Panzer Korps defending Villers-Bocage. There were two Tiger tanks perched on the top of the hill both barrels pointing right at him. He had to make an instant decision. Fortunately, the tank crews were not expecting to be attacked from the front by a single Bren Gun Carrier so my father had the element of surprise. He could have turned round and headed back down the hill but, as he had recounted many times, would have received a parting gift from both tanks which would have dispatched him, however reluctantly, into the next world. My father knew that if he could make the crossroads beyond and turn right down the hill, he would reach the Americans who were defending the Caumont Gap. So he hit the throttle and raced between both Tigers at fifty miles an hour. The tanks had no time to depress their guns. Speeding through, he remembers looking up at the huge barrels and a very surprised and helpless German tank commander. “What did you do?” I had asked him. He told me how he had given the tank commander the Royal salute (two fingers) and got the heck (my word) out of there. Being bullied by a millennial in an SUV therefore held little terror for him. He decided to do the same thing and gunned it out in front of the large utility vehicle. “If two German Tigers didn’t faze me, he wasn’t going to.” “What did he do” I asked, “When he pulled level with you?” My father paused, “well” he said, “he went four different shades of purple and spluttered something unintelligible.” “What did you do?” I asked. “I gave him the same salute I gave that German tank commander” he replied grinning, his 95 years melting away in a moment of great satisfaction.

     The young man in the SUV has become synonymous with a culturally young egocentric generation that has for the most part been denuded of independent thought and critical thinking skills by liberal universities, the media and Hollywood who are bent on teaching our young people what to think rather than how to think. This is why when Donald Trump was elected, safe spaces and cry rooms were set up, and furnished with an unlimited supply of crayons even in order to meet the emotional distress of these young men and women. On one campus, the American flag had to be taken down because of the emotional anguish it caused by reminding students who had won the recent election. Some students were so distressed when someone wrote Trump’s name on the sidewalk in chalk that classes were cancelled and emotional counselling was provided. In Israel, every woman the same age of these emotionally distraught students is serving two years military service in a land where you fight or die.

     In a recent survey by America Today, a thousand men from “the greatest generation” were surveyed. The most interesting question asked was; would you be willing to fight and die for “modern America?” The vast majority refused to answer. The socio-political and ideological shift we are witnessing in our post-modern world has not been lost on a generation that willingly fought, bled and died for American democracy and the fundamental principles of life and liberty. “It is no longer the America of our fathers and grandfathers” was the theme being rehearsed over and over by these heroes of Normandy, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and Bastogne. The message was clear. The times they are a changing and with them the values of a society and soon the whole nation. The sooner we wake up to this reality the better. I am of course not referring to all millennials, far from it. There are many fine young men and women, many serving in our military and God bless them all! Where would we be if our country was defended by the safe-space students, or the cry room “crayoner’s” or the gun-hating leftwing demagogues and there pacifist minions? Our brave soldiers that fought in the dust-choked streets of Fallujah, or the Taliban-infested Afghan hills are overwhelmingly conservative in their world view and values, raised to believe in our countries founding principles, raised to defend them, to fight for them and if necessary die for them. For they realize that our Judeo-Christian foundation is the platform of democracy and that without it America and all she currently stands for ceases to be.

     Humanism and its insidious liberal program undermines and threatens the very foundations that this country was built upon. I quote my old philosophy prof a lot especially his catch phrase “when you get on a train of thought, check your ticket to see where it will get you off”. The liberal agenda is much more than a political ideology or a movement of social change. It is catalyst of terrifying proportions as it seeks to remove our Judeo-Christian platform and all it stands for which will ultimately result in national decline and eventual destruction.

     Am I being over dramatic? We’ll let Khalid Sheikh Mohammed have the pen ultimate say, the patriarchal terrorist, propaganda chief of al-Qaeda and mastermind of the 9/11 attacks in New York. He declared that civil liberties and political correctness are their greatest weapons and will ultimately bring about victory in what he calls their “long game”. It is indeed the frog in the kettle syndrome as factions are allowed to operate unchallenged within our country because of liberal-inspired domestic laws, the decline in our society will, as he predicts, become more and more protracted until our society collapses in upon itself. No need for terror campaigns here. We will achieve their ends for them. A frightening statement that is fast becoming a frightening reality! The final destination of this train of thought is a cultural implosion resulting in a vacuum, and as we were taught in our physics classes, a vacuum does not remain a vacuum for long. Such was Germany in the nineteen twenties!

     The ultimate say of course rests with God. His plan of redemptive history is unfolding perfectly in accord to His divine timetable. There are no surprises because He has laid everything down in His word.  Conservative evangelical Christians, whilst aware of the liberal agenda, are more preoccupied in reasserting themselves politically and saving our country through legislating morality than they are about advancing the Kingdom of God through the lifestyle Christianity we are called to. We have now become a country based on humanistic, not biblical values. It is incumbent on all Christians to transcend the “save our country mantra” and concentrate on Christ’s kingdom, the one He said was not of this world. Are we to live in this world? Yes! Are we to engage our world? Yes! Are we to embrace our calling to this generation, to raise our children in the truth of God’s word? Yes! We must not be deluded that America is a Christian nation any longer, it is not! President Obama recently declared that America was not a Christian nation. In all honesty, would we want to own it as such, as representative of Christ? I think not.