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Developing a Kingdom Mentality
America, a world superpower, definitely!  America, the greatest nation on earth, possibly!  America is a Christian nation, No! We like to think we are and there, in the words of William Shakespeare is the rub.

Evangelicals and the Trump Train
I watched the election results on CNN. Fox was so in the tank for Trump that if the Republican presidential nominee stopped suddenly, Sean Hannity and half of the Fox News team would disappear.

Olympic Shames
Maybe it was Lochte’s alter ego, the silver hair that made him look and act like a Bond villain in Rio. Back in the states, his hair back to normal...

Past Articles.....

It will become known as Kaepernicking and I am calling it first. Kneeling in protest during the national anthem will have its very own name.Type your paragraph here.

Slaying the Giants of the Media

They say the first casualty of any war is the truth, especially if it is a culture war. If this is true, then America must be at war. In the past week we have seen an unsubstantiated news story released by BuzzFeed attacking Donald Trump,....

$3.00 Christianity
Charles Swindoll once famously wrote that most Christians have a $3.00 Christianity, enough to make them comfortable but not enough to convict.

Evangelism and Terror
What the Christian jihad of the crusades or the more modern colonization of Islamic states
by western Imperialism could not do, Muslims themselves are accomplishing in terms of evangelism in the heart of Islamic nations across the world.

The Real Face of Liberalism 
Portland Oregon, the once proud bastion of liberal tolerance and open discussion, along with other cities across the nation, has finally shown us what happens when you get to the end of the line.

For the Cause
Love it or hate it you can’t really
ignore it unless you don’t subscribe to it but cable news is at least intriguing with its action and analysis and “fair and balanced reporting depending upon which political view you subscribe to.

The Lesser of Two Evils
When your only choice is Trump or Clinton, I guess it is inevitable that evangelical Christians should roll out the old cliché “the lesser of two evils” to justify their vote in the upcoming election.