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The Time of our Lives

     Terror attacks, ISIS, military coups, cop killings and political turmoil, add to this economic instability and government corruption and for many people all these things add up to a time of crisis, in short they consider this a terrifying time to live. 

Alas many Christians sadly share this opinion, but if I dare to use Churchillian rhetoric here, I think this is an unparalleled time in human history, the greatest time to be a Christian and the greatest time to be alive and in the service of God! To the vast majority of people, the world seems to be spinning out of control, hurtling toward an uncertain future, but we Christians know better.!

      To those that trust in God’s providence and have embraced a kingdom mentality, it is simply the unfolding of his redemptive plan of history. We can be encouraged that God is still in control!  To those Christians living in this time, it is a magnificent opportunity to reach this, our generation, with the truth of the gospel, to impact a frightened and often cynical world with the message of hope.

     Many Christians become sucked into the news vortex of cable television and succumb to a subtle shift in focus and redirects it to the world. We become preoccupied with world events to the extent that we develop a form of spiritual myopia. We lose sight of why we are here, we become anesthetized to the great commission, inoculated against the despair so evident in the lives of those around us who are dying without Christ.

     We forget the glory of a gospel that set our soul free from spiritual incarceration of our past darkness, slowly becoming so comfortable with our christianity that we fall asleep in the light. We begin to lose sight of the bigger picture, of God’s masterplan of human history, until all we can see is our own individual needs and desires as we become more and more enmeshed in our world and its cultural values.

      Recognizing the great privilege we have of partnering with God in the great harvest of souls it is incumbent on all Christians to develop a kingdom mentality and begin to understand not ony our true identity as children of God but recognize the world for what it truly is.

     Living now from a spiritual perspective we are able to view the world and its events from the vantage point of divine enablement, and so better understand the days in which we live and the generation to which we are called. As Christians these are the times of our lives, the darker the days the brighter the light and the greater the penetration as the restraining power of God shines through the growing gloom of our desperate and despondent world.

     People today are asking questions and seeking answers to the great questions of meaning, purpose and existance. Unbelievers have a deep longing to belong, this is no more true of this generation of millenials who long for connection and relationship like no other time in history and it is incumbent on all Christians who know and own the truth of Christ to both live out and communicate the gospeland in our world so that we let hell know what heaven looks like. If I can spiritualize the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in terms of evangelizing our generation, “if not us who and if not now when?”