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Zionism and the Liberal Left: The Cultural Shift

   One of the major reasons that Trump carried eighty-six percent of all voting Evangelicals in the last election was his position on Israel. Notwithstanding the SCOTUS picks and immigration issues, Evangelicals believe that America’s relationship with Israel is incredibly significant. The United States has been Israel’s greatest ally since their birth as a nation in 1948. Successive Presidents and administrations have supported Israel, understanding that they are our greatest strategic ally in a tumultuous Middle East region. That was until 2008 when the Obama administration took office and their tenure ushered in dark days and strained US/Israeli relations, culminating in President Obama’s refusal to veto the UN Security Council’s resolution in December condemning the construction of Israeli settlements on the West Bank. Add to this the attempt to give Palestine two hundred and forty million dollars during his last few days in office which clearly marked where his administration stood with regard to Israel.

     On November 8th as half of America hauled out the sackcloth and ashes Israel, gave a “yuge” sigh of relief as Donald Trump was voted into office and eight years of tacit lip service and disingenuous diplomacy came to an end. What was truly indicative of the enormity of the cultural shift taking place in America as we move inexorably left, was the Jewish vote. While 86% of Evangelicals were voting Trump because of his support for Israel a staggering 71% of American Jews were voting for Hillary. What is even more disconcerting and alarming were the 86% of American Jews that voted for Obama in 2008. That is a disturbing trend and it is indicative of the country’s profound shift to the left in the last few years.

     American Jews constitute 2% of the current US population, 6.7 million. With the vast majority of American Jews voting overwhelmingly Democrat we have to ask the questions, how does this reflect their support of Zionism, and what is happening here that is moving more and more American Jews away from supporting Israel? The answers of course are dichotomous. As the country has shifted left it has taken a new generation of Jews with it. This younger millennial generation of American Jews has become somewhat disconnected from its past, it relates less to the Holocaust and the historical struggle for Israeli sovereignty and the bitter conflicts with the surrounding Arab nations; a conflict which has raged for decades.

     The disconnect is also sociopolitical in that American Jews consider social justice issues more significant than the Middle East situation, hence there voting trend. It is also nationalistic. In a recent survey by the Pew Research Group their findings showed that only 39% of Israeli Jews put national security as their biggest long-term problem whereas 66% of American Jews thought it was. Israeli Jews are of course only all too aware of the threat they face on an ongoing basis but American Jews are completely out of touch with the economic struggles in Israel. The vast majority of Israeli Jews stated this their primary concern. The other disconnect is the Liberal propaganda that is postulated about the separation of church and state. The left defines this founding principle with its customary distorted approach to the Constitution as keeping the church out of the state rather than how it was both intended and written, keeping the state out of the church. Israel of course is monotheistic and theocratic in many ways. Despite its secular post-modern culture, it remains basically orthodox with nine out of ten Israeli Jews celebrating Passover as compared to just four out of ten in America. It is this national conservatism that has many American Jews concerned, seeing its religious fundamentalism in direct conflict with a more liberal view on a potential Palestinian resolution, opting overwhelmingly for the two-state solution which many Israeli Jews see as problematic.

     Of course American Jewry has an affinity with their ancestral homeland but it is fading with each passing generation. The fact that evangelical Christians have greater support for the State of Israel than most American Jews is indicative of the current situation. It could of course be that Evangelicals recognize Israel as the epicenter of coming global events, but also that God has placed a special dispensation on both these great countries. He has blessed America like no other country in her short global history. Students of history as well as those who are clued into the scriptural revelation of God’s redemptive plan of history cannot fail to notice the role that America has taken in the scope of world events. The two reasons for this blessing are that America supplies two thirds of the world’s missionaries, but more importantly, she has supported Israel, a manifestation of her greatness and a reflection of the importance of her Judeo-Christian ethic and foundations both of which are now in jeopardy.

     It would seem then that Evangelicals feel like they have a greater vested interest in Israel than do the American Jews who, seemingly detached from the struggles of their spiritual homeland, place a greater political priority on domestic issues here in the US. What of the other 14% of Evangelicals who voted for Hillary? The words of the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the movie Star Wars Attack of the Clones come easily to mind. “You wanna go home and rethink your life”. Do we have the right to vote the way we choose, yes of course. After all, that is what a democracy is “the right to make the wrong choice” but it beggars belief that there are Evangelicals who would support a candidate that positively endorses late term abortion no matter how appealing their positions are on other issues.

     Of course, the issue of Israel as with all its global initiatives has a spiritual dimension that often eludes the vast majority who have not the eyes to see it. America will be blessed as long as she supports Israel. If you doubt this, look at Great Britain. It is not too far of a stretch to see the demise of the greatest Empire in World History coincide with its adoptive pro-Arab position. Indeed in 1921-22 the British Empire was at its zenith. It was an empire so vast and grand, so we were taught as school boys, that the sun never set upon it. Is it an irony then that in those years, Winston Churchill created the two-state solution for Palestine during his time as Colonial Secretary, a term that is being bandied about the media news outlets this week as President Trump met with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Britain’s position on the Jewish state (the Balfour Act, notwithstanding) was the beginning of its downfall as a world power. By 1950 there was no more British Empire and Britain went into a spiritual decline from which it has never recovered. There is a faithful remnant in that country that testifies to the power of God but the nation has long since become a Godless, secular and materialistic country, a shadow of its former glory. God said it best, “He who blesses Israel I will bless”. It doesn’t get any clearer than that, for the Jews do hold a special place both in His heart and in His plan of redemptive history. Therefore, we should take note of both God and history and continue to support and pray for Israel, for when we fail in that God-given task it will not be Israel that suffers, for God holds them fast in His divine hand and timetable but it may well be the final nail in America’s cultural coffin.

     Liberalism does not just inform domestic agenda’s but impacts global events. As our country shifts further and further left the inevitable and inexorable flow of world and domestic events will change. God holds all these changes in His hands and therefore we need not fear as Christians what the future holds. We should however be aware of the enormous shift culturally to the left. The American Jews in relation to Israel are but one more serious indication of how pervasive the left has become and will continue to be. We as believers must understand the bigger picture. President Trump and his “conservative” government might appear to be a bright hiatus in the ever darkening scenario of our culture, but it is merely a respite and a temporary one at that. We must prepare ourselves for what lies ahead, we must see the looming specter of cultural chaos and the role the true church must play in those days. The storm is gathering, let us therefore prepare ourselves that when it breaks upon us we will as the Apostle Paul stated in Ephesians 6,”stand “and so present ourselves as God’s alternatives. In so doing the gates of hell will not prevail against us though it unleash all its fury, for we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us!